The Japanese Experience

Oh, Japan… So many good things to say about you: Excitement, lights, okonomiyaki, 24 hours open businesses, street drinking,  loudness… Oh yes, so loud but at the same time so goddamn retracted!!

So my flight arrived late in the night, however, nothing stopped us from meeting people and partying. There he was: The cutest Japanese I’ve ever seen. His hair, his politeness, the way he giggled after I made a question because he didn’t have a fucking idea of what I was saying… No, English wasn’t his strength. It was very basic. He didn’t speak English at all, really nor another language.

A group of five Finish boys and I were having the time of our lives! Wohoooo! We drank, we party, we had fun. Anyways… I got too drunk and I said I wanted to go back to my hotel room. This cute little guy escorted me where I was staying. We were drinking a beer on our way to my place, but once we arrived we still had some beer in our cans. I asked him politely if he wanted to finish his beer in my room… Now, here’s when people get all conservative all of the sudden, but I promise I had no weird intentions or nasty thoughts, it was a friendly invitation! He accepted immediately.

We arrived upstairs and I sat on the bed. How can I explain this… Japanese hotels aren’t the biggest rooms in the world, actually for Japanese people the smaller the better. So, I sat on the bed, because I didn’t have where else to sit, he sat beside me. We looked at each other. I smiled. I giggled. BAM!!! He kissed me. Oops, I guess this is happening.

He wasn’t a good kisser. He wasn’t. That’s the truth. But I’ll tell you something little grasshopper, he was indeed willing to learn. I asked him a minute, I needed to go to the bathroom cause things started to happen down there. I looked myself in the mirror and I said to myself “Oh God, what am I doing! Really? The first day arriving? Oh shit, ok, ok, let’s go back”.

Once I came back he asked me to go to the bathroom – By the way, when I say “he said” or “he asked me” I mean that I suppose he said or asked, cause he ain’t speak shit, so we had to do lots of hand signs – He went to the bathroom, so I took my pyjama pants and while I was attempting to change my pants for my PJs like real super fast, before he went out of the bathroom he opened the door and sees me with my pants down my ankles. He said “Hai!” and took off his pants in one second. Oh, my God, I’m a slut.

You know the rest! I don’t want to give many details, but I must say that the Asian saying about the size of their “thing” is a myth. Hoho!… Next day we said bye and we never saw each other again. Sniff! (One day I’ll do the Part II. and I’ll explain what happened next day, his behavior and more stuff of my Japanese experience LOL)

So, I only wanted to say: GO TO JAPAN!! BEST THING EVER!!


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