FREE baby stuff, samples and coupons!

I’m adopting a baby. A super tiny baby. It’s a newborn!

How I met the family? I’ll let that for another post, but long story short, we Agency showed our profile to this pregnant girl. She was looking for a young, cool couple and she found us, hehe. We travel to visit her and her family (couple and three children they had together) and we just clicked: They love us and we love them!

Everyone knows how expensive is to adopt a newborn baby through domestic private adoption, no? (if you don’t, then stay tuned ’cause I’ll write about the costs of adoption in a future post) However, I never thought it’ll be THAT costly, and we got it easy.

A little fast disclaimer: I am not a cheap person and if I gotta spend I will spend, but it arrives a point in which every dollar hurts, so I dug deep and I learned that when it’s about babies you can get lots of freebies! So here you have some useful links and tricks to get some free stuff for your upcoming baby:

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 4.21.27 PM


Enfamil: Baby Formula coupons and samples

The fact that Enfamil is recommended most by pediatricians means a lot. Pediatricians say it’s a brand that they trust because, among other things, it supports mental development. With so many doctors recommending Enfamil, it’s not surprising that it’s used in over 80% of U.S. hospitals where babies are born!

Similac: Baby Formula freebies!

Similac gives moms new ways to nourish their babies with new options like hypoallergenic, soy, organic, sensitive and Non-GMO formulas.


The Honest Company: Free Discovery Kits (7 Diapers – 10 Baby Wipes)

This offer is absolutely free and worth it! You can select which design or designs you want, yes, a totally customized experience. The only thing you gotta pay is the shipping which is $5.95 and ta-da! Free diapers for your baby.  This is a great way to try the brand before purchasing big quantities of diapers!


Babies R Us: Welcome Baby Registry bag – Discounts – 10% Moneyback!

Baby on the way? Find everything you need to get off to a great start! This was very cool and unexpected: We did a Babies R us baby registry because we thought it will the easiest and fastest way and they welcomed us in store with an amazing bag of goodies!

Amazon: Welcome Baby Registry box – 15% off your baby registry purchase – $100 in diapers

Amazon is the one and only worldwide king to do this! This registry is perfect if you have family in other countries. Also, you get discounts and the unbeatable Amazon catalog and prices.


Walmart Welcome Box: A bunch of goodies!

Everyday Happy: Get amazing freebies before signing on a subscription! 

And after a little bit more than a week I got:

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