HomeChef food delivery! This is a big Hell YES!!

Since my baby’s birth I literally have no extra time and I left this site abandoned, but fear no more cause I’m back!!

First off, I want to say this adoption was the most amazing experience ever and I can’t wait to share more about it, please let me know if you want to know more about how was the whole process with Clyde’s adoption, I’d be happy to write about it!!

Anyways… it’s hard!! Well, not hard, but exhausting and time consuming. Since Clyde is in our life, my business has not even the half of the attention it had before… I’m currently working on a plan to organize my time efficiently, but heyyyy, it’s hard! Haha, for the same reason I ended up subscribing to HomeChef, one of the many food delivery companies in the market.

Click this image to get $30 off your firs box!! So worth it.

I am also subscribed to HelloFresh and I’m about to try our at Blue Apron, but let’s talk about HomeChef first:

I love it! Recipes are simple and kids friendly, nothing too fancy so it doesn’t feel weird to eat their menus. I am not a super adventurer when is about food, I tend to stick with the classic flavors and this company NAILED IT,

So if you’re looking forward subscribing to a good food delivery company but you’re not a super gurmet person, this is the right box for you. I’ll leave my referral link so you can enjoy of $30 off in your first box!!

REFERRAL LINK: https://www.homechef.com/invite/ynnyYF4JjB0b

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