I’m Constanza Horval, better known as Tanza. (@TanzaSpeed – Tanzaspeed.com). I’m a 28 years old Chilean woman living in Cleveland, USA. I have two miniature schnauzers and an adopted son (proud of it!). I’m also married. He’s a super supportive metalhead, and he also has a record label. I am weird by default. I’m an awkward gal, but that’s ok. Out of the norm? For sure, and I like it. !

I’m an artist, and I love to create. When I’m not working on my Clothing line, I’m probably working as an alternative model, influencer, and social media promoter.

Even if I do many many things, I studied to be a photojournalist when I was back in Chile, my native country. I love to travel and capture real life moments, experiences, expressions. Real beauty.